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Metallurgy and metallurgical laboratory


Familiarity with metallurgy and metallurgical laboratory
Iran National Steel Industrial Group metallurgical laboratory in an area of ​​600 square meters consisting of two mechanics and chemistry sectors with experienced staff and modern testing equipment provides laboratory services inside and outside of the company. The laboratory for several years with clearance certificate of Standards Organization and Iran Industrial Research acts as the only reference and peer laboratory of standards in the field of metallurgy in the province. Equipped devices of tension, compression and bending tests in mechanics sector are fixed and mobile quant meters in chemistry sector and V polishing devices, a metallurgical microscope and macro etching devices are a part of the existing equipment in the laboratory. The laboratory is equipped with advanced XRF device capable of analyzing a wide range of elements (atomic number 9 to 92). Also recently, the laboratory has been equipped with a carbon and sulfur analysis modern device made in Germany. The laboratory also has been active in research and has had collaborations with academic centers. Over 5000 samples are tested in the laboratory monthly that are mostly related to projects and plans of the province companies.

Laboratory staff
Manager of Total Quality and Laboratory

Name: Solat Birganinia
Education: BS in metallurgical engineering
BS standard license No. 453
Clearance certificate of quality control official
Superior quality control manager at the national level
Superior quality control manager in Khuzestan province for 2 times
Participation in the development of 30 national standards and 4 plant standards
A member of judging good plans and reviewing papers committee of Steel Symposium 87
Performing research activities and writing paper
National Group light beam design and its patent

Head of the Laboratory
Name: Abdul Ali Pouladgar
Education: BS in Mechanical Engineering
BS standard license No. 422
Clearance certificate of quality control official
Superior quality control official in Khuzestan province
Superior standard CPM in Khuzestan province
Participation in the development of 60 national standards and 4 plant standards
A member of reviewing papers committee of Steel Symposium 87
Performing research activities and writing paper
Corresponding Steel Committee 17 TC secretary in the country

Chemistry sector official
Name: Soudabeh Ahmadi
Education: Master's degree in organic chemistry
Participation in developing 10 national standards
Work Experience: Analytical Chemistry, fixed and mobile quant meter, XRF, carbon / sulfur, solution, hardness and metallographic devices
Head of Total Quality Education
A member of Total Quality Culture Committee
Performing research activities

Metallurgical Laboratory Equipment List
. Model Mark No. Model Mark No. Model Mark
1 100 t tension GALDABINI 12 Metallographic microscope Sa Iran 23 cut Tabriz
2 60 t tension ZWICK 13 Heat furnace Exiton 24 Cutting plate Russian
3 Quant meter SPECTRO 14 spectrometer CECIL 25 100 t tension Galdabini
4 Quant meter SPECTRO 15 Accurate scales Sartorius 26 Table grinding METABO
5 XRF THERMO 16 autoclave memmert 27 Argon electric filter SIRCAL
6 bending OSCAM 17 furnace S- line 28 Pipe bending Inner pack
7 Mobile quant meter WAS 18 Metallographic polishing JEAN WIRTZ 29 Distilled water device Shimaz
8 Mobile quant meter SPECTRO 19 polishing HERZOG 30 Pillar drills  
9 Portable hardness tester EQUOTIP 20 polishing Pegah 31 grinding Herzog
10 Carbon- sulfur device ELTRA 21 grinding Restschmuhle 32 Band saw MEP
11 Distilled water device Shimaz 22 milling   33 Workshop tools  

Mechanics sector
Preparation workshop

Samples sent to the laboratory before testing are prepared with the help of existing equipment such as band saw, turning plate, milling, grinding, welding engine and other workshops' devices. Samples are prepared according to relevant standards.

Bending test
One of the requirements of steel products' standards is bending test. The laboratory is equipped with two bending devices, one for pipe and another for bending fittings, plate, beam and so on. In bending test according to standards, test conditions such as bending diameter and angle are considered.
Tension and pressure test
The laboratory is equipped with Universal ZE600 ZWICK tension and pressure test advanced device with a capacity of 60 tons made in Germany that tests a variety of samples with high accuracy and efficiency and for periodic calibrations' certificate has high accuracy. Currently, this device is unique of its kind in Khuzestan province.

Hardness Tester
EQUOTIP Hardness Tester is very light and portable that with high speed and accuracy shows hardness as digital and is capable of measuring the hardness of most metals.

Flat pipe test
One of flexibility identification tests of pipes, replaced bending test in large sizes, is flat test. In this test, a pipe proportional to the diameter and thickness is flattened to a certain extent by two pressure plates and if no crack or fracture occurs will be accepted.

Dimensional measurement
In products' standard, virtual limits are determined for dimensions that in order to adapt them to actual specifications, products' dimensions are measured. For example, in fittings height and width of transverse and longitudinal rib, one meter step and weight in beam: flange height, width, thickness, moment, flanges' asymmetry and one meter weight of pipe: external diameter, thickness and the weight of one meter are measured and compared with the standard.

Chemistry sector
Sample preparation workshop
Sample preparation workshop includes the following steps:
Samples after sending to the laboratory are put into operation according to the type of a test and then transferred to the relevant sector for testing.

Quant meter
The laboratory is equipped with two fixed SPECTRO quant meter devices and a mobile WAS device made in Germany to determine samples' chemical composition.
The laboratory is able to determine weight percentage of 25 elements of iron, nickel, copper and aluminum base.
These devices are planned to identify structural steel, tool, high speed, stainless, cast iron and unknown parts.

In XRF preparation, a sample becomes powder by grinding and then is prepared by press or fusion device for analysis.
ARL ADVANT'X XRF made in Switzerland is able to analyze more than 84 elements.
Uniquant analytical software allows using the equipment for easy and quick analysis of all unknown samples.

Analytical Chemistry
In this sector, using wet chemical instructions and chemical analysis equipment of elements such as manganese, total iron, metallic iron, and carbon and water hardness measurement are performed.
The sector equipments include laboratory hood and platform, S-line furnace, heat operation furnace, autoclave, Ben Murray bath, spectrophotometer, heater, analytical scales and so on.
- Macro etching
In this sector, a sample of an ingot section is prepared and after polishing it using HC1 according to HTML standard and the following cases are tested.
Determining solidification structure and identifying casting defects
Identifying inclusions
Identifying gas and contraction cavities
Samples' dimensional measurement
If needed performing sulfur print to identify sulfide inclusions
- Microstructure
Activities performed in this sector include the following steps:
Etching a sample surface
Investigating microstructure and steel grain
Photographs and analytical reports

Equipment surface fat measurement
The equipment of oxygen production plant and pipelines for air and oxygen transmission should be without fat to prevent flare- up or explosion. Before pipelines' assembly, the inner surface is sampled by the laboratory and sampled surfaces' fat is measured using spectrophotometer according to the instruction.

Acetylene measurement in liquid oxygen and air
Liquid oxygen and air should be without acetylene. In order to test their purity, some samples of liquid oxygen and air are sent to the laboratory in special containers that conducting a specific instruction using control solutions, the amount of acetylene in liquid oxygen and air is estimated.

Carbon and sulfur measurement
Using 2000 ELTRA-CS carbon-sulfur the amount of carbon and sulfur is measured in three ways of induction furnace, resistance and acid digestion.

Km 9 of Ahvaz-Khoramshahr Road
B.O. BOX: 61335-775
Tel : (+98) 613 331-0050-59
Fax: (+98) 613 331-0106-59
ISO CERTIFICATES INSIG ISO Certified for OHSAS 18001, Managment System 9001 and 14001 from TUV also ISO 10015 from DNV.