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The environment

Certifications of ISO 14000 and 18000 OHSAS

The environment

Iran National Steel Industrial Group, along with production activities and in spite of available obstacles, based on a thorough understanding of environmental laws and guidelines has done considerable actions to control three elements' pollution of air, water and soil in order to conserve and maintain the environment within the framework of international standards that dramatically include employees' health and vitality of the organization.

Existing environmental achievements

A) Soil pollution control by performing waste management includes:
• Collection and disposal of semi household and ordinary waste under Urban Waste Organization supervision
• Collecting, processing, recycling and selling oxide powder and other waste
• Categorizing and maintaining other waste such as empty barrels, burned oil, cardboard boxes and plastic materials in appropriate yards
• Identifying, cleaning and organizing industrial and ordinary waste

B) Air and water pollution control (effluent) and achieving the standards:
• Production units treat and recycle industrial water and control and measure pollutants as much as possible
• Minimizing industrial waste based on the use of modern water treatment systems
• Produced industrial waste in addition to controlling at a standard level acceptable for urban refineries should be delivered to an urban refinery through waste network to be finally treated there and production units have actively participated in implementing an urban waste network.
• Achieving a desired standard by installing and running Back Filter steel dust collection system equipped with online monitoring and visible by the Department of Environment of the province.
• The ability to regularly measure and monitor output gas of production sectors' furnaces seasonally and success of achieving the required standard
• Development of green spaces by 25% of the plant area, including planting of trees, shrubs, seasonal flowers, grass and so on
• Active participation in environmental maneuvers, international exhibitions and cultural activities and advertising
• Expert monitoring health factors of the organization and training of approximately 100 employees in the field
• Certifications of ISO 14000 and 18000 OHSAS
• The prospect of Iran National Steel Industrial Group in the environment and achieving green industry
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ISO CERTIFICATES INSIG ISO Certified for OHSAS 18001, Managment System 9001 and 14001 from TUV also ISO 10015 from DNV.