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Manager message

Iran National Steel Industrial Group manager message

Mr. Payandeh Najaf Abadi

Manager message

Infinite thanks to God Almighty for blessing to serve honorable and sage people of Islamic Iran.

Iran National Steel Industrial Group is the first complex producing steel products in Iran, that with more than half a century of production history, with the help of God Almighty and with the help of skilled workers, expert technicians and engineers, energetic staff and managers and utilizing equipment, machinery and new lines is one of the largest producers of steel sections of the country.
Exclusive capabilities within the organization, quantity and quality of production, wide presence in national and international markets, research and development continuity and relying on modern technologies, diversity of products, old histories and a new business environment, experiences and expertise load , maintaining and promoting qualitative and  environmental standards' levels, exclusive production (seamless pipe), adherence to customer-oriented principles and respecting staff, creativity and innovation, human resource development along with implementing industrial development projects are not our only comparative and competitive advantages and honor foundations. But our eloquence support and pride capital are serving in a part of the auriferous land industries that not so far was blessed by highborn martyrs and zealous fighters and is not far from meeting place for lovers of God and the battle fronts the void. Now also passion for jihad in production arena and the name of Islamic houseland are hands' restorative and hearts and souls' incentive of Iran National Steel Industrial Group employees to increase high quality and economic production and achieve honor to serve faithfully to the children of the land.
Today, steel products are referred as strategic goods with various applications in developing countries that due to the widespread use of human societies can play an important role in countries' total development. Development of steel industry and products is considered as one of the most basic needs that move the wheel of the country economy and as mother industries.
We in addition to committing professional ethics, we always attempt to develop and implement our organization objectives in line with the system policy and along economic development and reducing dependence on foreigners, in addition to preserving the interests of customers, employees and other beneficiaries of the company, and in this way our main support is honesty and intimacy of human capital in a knowledge-based organization that commits optimized management of resources and energy, the environment protection, productivity increase, a belief in customer- oriented principles, business environment development and healthy competition.
Certainly, preserving past achievements and achieving goals in the face of the organization encountering available changes and challenges requires all employees effort, support and participation relying on Divine Being providence and a will- oriented and resistant movement to increase production power with a focus on market which can lead to brighter horizon development in the company activities' prospect and be heroic in economic arena and ensure success continuity. Of God, honor and dignity of all I ask.
Km 9 of Ahvaz-Khoramshahr Road
B.O. BOX: 61335-775
Tel : (+98) 613 331-0050-59
Fax: (+98) 613 331-0106-59
ISO CERTIFICATES INSIG ISO Certified for OHSAS 18001, Managment System 9001 and 14001 from TUV also ISO 10015 from DNV.