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The complex establishment history

Iran National Steel Industrial Group Plants


In 1963, the first steel rolling plant of the country was established in Ahvaz in order to produce a variety of simple, ribbed fittings, and cornerstones.

Production lines were set up by installing equipment and assembling machinery with annual capacity of 65 thousand tons in 1967 and gradually other workshops and processes were added. After glorious Islamic revolution, this industrial complex was named "Iran National Steel Industrial Group", with various lines and products of rolling and steel processes.
By implementing development plans and reconstructing production lines during the years 1992, 2004 and 2006, production capacity was increased and product quality, utilization systems and production control were promoted.
Now this great complex with an annual capacity of 1,435,000 t of steel products and 430,000 t steel ingots in addition to supplying the main part of the country needs, it is one of important exporters of steel products.
Km 9 of Ahvaz-Khoramshahr Road
B.O. BOX: 61335-775
Tel : (+98) 613 331-0050-59
Fax: (+98) 613 331-0106-59
ISO CERTIFICATES INSIG ISO Certified for OHSAS 18001, Managment System 9001 and 14001 from TUV also ISO 10015 from DNV.