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Research projects

Research plans and projects implemented in

Iran National Steel Industrial Group

Research projects

Since the basis of development of any society is based on economic, social, cultural and industrial body of the society and developing boundaries of knowledge, discovery and understanding of natural phenomena is based on the research, regarding research in Iran National Steel Industrial Group is very important as a dynamic and efficient enterprise.

Expanding R and D activities in the form of a series of systematic measures in cooperation with national experts and hiring professors and researchers in universities, research centers, knowledge-based companies and other scientific and research centers of the country to achieve new achievements and technical knowledge is one of senior management objectives that provides industrial innovation, creativity, progress and prosperity grounds by forming Research and Development Supreme Committee including management, assistance and Research and Technology manager.
Iran National Steel Industrial Group policy making and research policy determination in line with achieving higher objectives of the company are conducted in Research and Development Supreme Committee that studies, identifies, investigates, decides and prioritizes research needs in the company subordinate units and organizes research activities to meet research needs of the company by utilizing services of researchers and experts of universities and other academic and scientific centers and communities of the country.
Research projects, that often have an applied aspect, are followed by Research and Technology management, and professors, researchers and experts of universities, research centers and other authentic and popular centers of the country are invited to participate in research affairs, provide and implement plans, until after presenting a proposal it should be reviewed, arbitrated and approved by Research Supreme Committee for signing a contract and implementing the proposal. There are a variety of research topics and in technical and functional fields, work and environmental health, finance, trade and humans.
In addition to performing research projects, providing grounds and creating a culture of research and innovation, supporting the development of papers and books, sending papers and experts to scientific and research seminars, sponsorship of conferences, attending festivals and events related to research and innovation many similar cases are a part of conducted or in progress activities of research unit.

Other research activities:
At the same time of following ongoing research projects, other activities have been conducted in 2014 as follows:
• Holding periodic meetings of Research and Development Superior Committee to approve new projects, arbitration of received proposals with the presence of professors, managers and assistance of universities nationwide, evaluating scientific papers National Group colleagues to be presented at seminars, encouraging and appreciating papers' authors, investigating research needs of the company subordinate units, reviewing cooperation agreements' drafts by scientific research centers and their correction and approval.
• Continuity of the relationship and cooperation with Ahvaz Shahid Chamran University (signing a scientific, research and training agreement and constructing Iran National Industrial Group research center) to outsourcing projects and receiving scientific and research services
• Communicating with Material and Energy Research Center according to the agreement (meetings of experts and professors to exchange scientific information and technology)
• Following primary steps of identification and definition of the company needs and obtaining approval of Research and Development Supreme Committee
• Calling research services required from first grade universities and research centers
• Presenting research proposals in Research Supreme Committee and coordinating researchers' presence for defense and evaluation of proposals
• Following the development of research contracts and their conclusion and deliver to research centers
• Inquiry of projects' industry collaboration and deliver to research centers
• Communication and coordination with researchers and research assistance of research centers in order to develop; correct and complete the proposals
• Constant communication and coordination with professors and executives of research projects through correspondence, conversations and e-mail
• Monitoring research and ongoing projects implementation and projects' progress investigation
• Establishing and maintaining communication and coordination between a research, industry collaboration, production and support units and laboratory
• Collecting scientific and research papers and participating in coordination meetings at symposia and scientific conferences
• Participating in Steel Symposium 2014 and paper presentation (Yazd - Ardekan)
• Participating in the company initial coordination meetings of 22th International Mechanics Conference (Shahid Chamran University - May 2014)
• Active participation in arbitration meetings to present scientific papers by professors and students in 22th International Mechanics Conference (Shahid Chamran University - May 2014)
• Coordinating and participating in Steel Institute specialized forums (at Industrial University of Isfahan) in order to exchange information and mutual cooperation
• Coordinating and participating in Executive Committee of Research Week Holding of Ahvaz Shahid Chamran University
• Research exhibition in research and technology week at International Exhibition of Ahvaz
• Coordinating and participating in public relations' department joint meetings and participating in developing a new catalog and Iran National Steel Industrial Group website
• The development of research and technology unit catalog
• Providing scientific books writing and editing grounds by colleagues and publishing them
• Attending and participating in training classes of research and development management of Industry, Mine and Trade Organization of Khuzestan province, resulting in research and development license renewal of Iran National Steel Industrial Group
• Coordinating attendance of planning and management of education and research of Industry, Mine and Trade Organization Assistance of Khuzestan province in order to investigate the company research facilities and research and development license approval and renewal of Iran National Steel Industrial Group by the organization for 3 years

Iran National Steel Industrial Group research projects

Iran National Steel Industrial Group research projects during the years of 2012 to early 2014:
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