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New products

Semi-light beam, down- well pipe

High- strength wire for pre-stressed concrete

Pedestrian bridge and quick- built house

New products

In line with a market need and excellent R & D purposes, Iran National Steel Industrial Group also produces new products.

Semi-light beam with 16348 ISIRI Standard
Semi-light beam in size of 12 to 20 with 16348 Standard as the first knowledge- based standard of the country is an achievement of creativity and research of Iran National Steel Industrial Group experts with collaboration of Shahid Chamran and Nasir al-Din Tusi Universities' professors and Iran National Standard Organization Research Center with 15% lower weight and 20% higher strength than conventional IPE beams.
Static parameters are controlled by 100% monitoring of a product at the time of production in order to ensure the safety, performance and inertia loads tolerance:
• Control a flange width to thickness dimensions ratio
• Control moment height to thickness ratio
• Control inertia moment within allowed range
Semi-light beam patent intellectual property with registration number of 6062 is for Iran National Steel Industrial Group.

Comparing allowed loading IPE and I7 in different sizes
I7 allowed loading (s295)(295 MPa)
allowed loading (kn) Section (cm²) 12 m branch weight (kg) No.
342 11.6 109.2 12
431 14.6 136.8 14
540 18.3 172.8 16
661 22.4 212.2 18
776 26.3 247.2 20
IPE allowed loading (s37)(37 MPa)
allowed loading (kn) Section (cm²) 12 m branch weight (kg) No.
310 13.2 124.4 12
386 16.4 154.7 14
472 20.1 189.2 16
563 23.9 225.5 18
669 28.5 268.3 20
Down-well pipes
Core drilling pipes (down-well) are one of seamless steel pipes that are increasingly used in the extraction of crude oil. This product has been supplied from abroad.
In order to fulfill resistant economy and achieve industrial self-sufficiency, first preliminary studies and calculations were performed to determine needed ingot specific analysis then calculation and design of rollers, pass rolling, SRM temperature and tension parameters, heat operations and other supplementary operations were performed and hot rolling process of this strategic product was successfully performed according to API 5CT up to the size of 4 ½ for the first time in the country by experts of Iran National Steel Industrial Group.

High strength wire for pre-stressed concrete
The use of high strength steel wires for pre-stressed concrete production is widely used in the field of engineering, such as bridges, high strength structures, railway ties and high buildings.
The steel product is made of chrome and vanadium micro-alloy steel with a tensile strength of more than 1300 MPA and plasticity and percentage of elongation of more than 11 percent. Raw material of the steel wire is high strength steel wire that has been supplied from abroad.
Iran National Steel Industrial Group experts to its dependence on the outside, by doing a joint investigation with the assistance of Iran Iron and Steel Association professors, in addition to acquiring technical knowledge of producing this strategic product, have succeeded performing all steps of steel ingots' production, online hot rolling and heat operation process of this particular wire according to JIS G3506 Standard for the first time in the country.
Some of the advantages of using high strength, pre-stressed concrete wire are as follows:
• Prevent cracking
• Lighter structures
• Less prone to downward
• Architectural flexibility of high strength wire

Pedestrian bridge
Prefabricated pedestrian bridge is one of Iran National Steel Industrial Group combined new products that is produced and used using the facilities, equipment and capabilities of the Company after designing and calculating by one of the most prestigious co-operate consulting companies. The structure parts are made of standard beams produced by Iran National Steel Industrial Group, that both in terms of total weight and price (cheaper than pipe) and speed of installation and setup have made it distinguished from common types of pedestrian bridges:
• The least amount of sidewalk space
• Standard for elderly traffic
• Standard staircase at different heights
• Ease of movement with wide deck
• Easy drawings and advertising boards' installation
• tested with bridge spans 40 meters and under 32 tons load
• Stair lift installation
• Quick assembly of prefabricated parts
• Resistant to atmospheric agents

Quick- built house
This product is generally quick to set up in areas that are prone to disasters such as earthquakes, floods, hurricanes, landslides and other unexpected disasters. This house parts are made of steel sections of Iran National Steel Industrial Group and delivered as prefabricated and are available in size of 3 to 4 meters.
The house area can be developed to 120 m², which after initial installation id completed gradually as a permanent house. This structure is portable (each three units by a trailer) and connection and setup (by fastening) is possible without the need to special machinery (cranes, welding device, etc.).
These prefabricated and beautiful houses' design is in a way that by putting them together regularly a town is created.

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