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Machine manufacturing plant

Reconstruction and construction of spare parts of covered units

Having more than 60 machine tools

Machine manufacturing plant

Machine manufacturing plant was established in 1974 to provide needed tools, parts and devices of Iran National Steel Industrial Group manufacturing plants.

The plant consists of different units of machining, assembly; welding and heat operation with the use of advanced CNC equipment that is in operation in an area of 7000 square meters. In machine manufacturing plant assembly workshop the equipment of submerged-arc, welding with CO² gas, press device, bending device, guillotine, sheet scissors, and CNC flame cutting devices are used to construct and assembly a variety of steel equipments and parts.
The plant currently supplies about 45% of needed parts of different plants and is capable of producing more than 80% of needed parts of National Group.

Machine manufacturing plant with more than 60 machine tools includes the following units:
1- Machine Tools
Three niches of machine tools for the construction and/ or repair of mechanical parts such as a variety of shafts, gears, fastenings, rolling rolls, etc that are constructed by advanced equipment such as CNC cut device.

2- Heat operation unit
The unit with electric furnaces causes improving materials' mechanical properties and increasing parts' shelf life and tensile strength and removing residual stress of produced products.

3- Welding and assembly workshop
The workshop with equipped devices such as submerged arc-welding, gas shielded welding, computer cutting, pressing, bending, guillotine and etc is able to produce a variety of structures, foundations, niches and repair and welding of steel and non-steel parts.
Km 9 of Ahvaz-Khoramshahr Road
B.O. BOX: 61335-775
Tel : (+98) 613 331-0050-59
Fax: (+98) 613 331-0106-59
ISO CERTIFICATES INSIG ISO Certified for OHSAS 18001, Managment System 9001 and 14001 from TUV also ISO 10015 from DNV.