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Kowsar rolling plant

Annual production of 550 thousand tons of structural steel light sections

Fittings, downpipe, cornerstone and belt

Kowsar rolling plant

Kowsar 550 thousand tons rolling plant was constructed in line with industrial self-sufficiency policies and the country economic growth in 2002 in an area of 90 thousand square meters and put into operation after installing and running equipment by national experts in 2004.

The plant utilizing modern technology and equipment and ingots of 130 * 130 and 150 * 150 square mm (raw materials) can produce 550 thousand tons of structural steel light sections, including fittings, downpipe, cornerstone and belt annually.
In 1996, a contract was signed to purchase a line of fittings rolling and structural sections in the form of five contracts of "DANIELI" Company on financing. The equipment were made and sent according to the contract. By financing, Kowsar plant operations began in September 2002 and it was put into operation in November 2004.
Engineering, engineering design and line equipment design were performed by devices' maker, DANIELI Company and engineering and design of a steel structure, crane, compressed air system equipment, ventilation, lighting, fire alarm and extinction were performed according to DANIELI Company specification by national experts.
Construction operations, implementation of 756 in-situ concrete piles, construction and installation of 4,000 tons of steel structure of halls' roof and walls, over 34,200 cubic meters of excavation, 36590 cubic meters of concrete, 4,330 tons of armature and 82,800 square meters formatting for construction equipment foundation, construction of compressor room, power room and gas station, landscaping and wall around the plant, construction and installation of stair, visitor path and transverse communication bridges of air cranes, equipment installation and running, installing over 6,000 tons of production line equipment, water supply equipment, compressors' room, gas stations, power 33 kW, water, electricity and gas transmission lines' construction, installation of 19 cranes, 250 km high-voltage cabling and instrumentation, and approximately 24 km piping are overall implemented cases to set up the plant.

The main equipment:
• Pre-heating furnace with a capacity of 110 tons per hour of natural gas WALKING HEARTH
• Water pressure de- oxidizing device 180 to 250 times
• CANTILEVER initial rolling stands
• CARTRIDGE intermediate rolling stands
• CARTRIDGE final rolling stand
• The product QUENCHING system
• Hot cut scissors
• Cooling bed
• De- buckling and longitudinal cutting equipment
• Automatic weighing and packing equipment

Km 9 of Ahvaz-Khoramshahr Road
B.O. BOX: 61335-775
Tel : (+98) 613 331-0050-59
Fax: (+98) 613 331-0106-59
ISO CERTIFICATES INSIG ISO Certified for OHSAS 18001, Managment System 9001 and 14001 from TUV also ISO 10015 from DNV.